Wednesday, November 4, 2015

First Aid for Seizures

You never know where you might be when someone around you experiences a seizure.  Here are some quick handouts for you to view that explain First Aid for Seizures-EnglishFirst Aid, and First Aid for Seizures-Espanol from the Epilepsy Foundation.

Also available on Google Play and at the App Store, is the Seizure First Aide App, download from here.

The following features are available on the App:

1. Basic First Aid for all seizure types
2. Seizure Timer
3. To view videos of the 5 most common types of seizures
4. Get Immediate Help
      A. Call 911 (Depends on situation)
           a. If a seizure lasts more than five minutes
           b. The person:
              • Is pregnant
              • Does not regain consciousness
              • Does not breathe after one minute
              • Has one seizure after another
              • Is injured • Asks for help
              • Has no epilepsy ID

      B. A 24/7 Help Line

This App was created by The Epilepsy Foundation of MN and does not provide medical advice/services; it should not replace skilled medical personnel.  This app contains videos of actual seizures; viewere discretion is advised.

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