Donate to help CDKL5

Sonya's Story  is excited to announce we are a 501(c)3 Non profit organization.  

Here are just some of the ways YOU can help

1. Help Feed Hope4Harper's Cell Line 
This research effort is being conducted by Dr. Muotri and his lab at UC San Diego.  It costs approximately $15,000 A YEAR to maintain one human cell line in order for it to be used for research. It costs approximately $300 a week to feed each cell line, and one person's cell line is grown in three's. 

2. You can also make a one time or recurring donation to Sonya's Story that will be used towards raising funds to help organizations that are close to the heart of Sonzee Bear, such as Ryan House and Make A Wish.

3. You can also spread awareness by sporting some awesome CDKL5 apparel or accessories.  Check out Sonya's Story CDKL5 Zazzle Store!

*There is no credit card information is saved or used on SonyasStory website. All transaction information is done on secure servers.

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