Sunday, November 1, 2015

Brief facts about epilepsy

November is epilepsy awareness month.  A main characteristic of CDKL5 is having seizures.  For families impacted by CDKL5, not only do we get to spread awareness for CDKL5 in June, but we get to spread awareness of epilepsy in November.  

Here is an extremely brief introduction into epilepsy. Please stay tuned for more facts about epilepsy throughout the month!
"More people live with epilepsy than with autism spectrum disorders, Parkinson's disease, multiple sclerosis and cerebral palsy -- combined."  (Credit of the Epilepsy Foundation)

What is epilepsy?

  • a term used in place of the term seizure disorder
  • a general term use to describe a condition in which seizures are a symptom

What causes epilepsy?

  • Causes vary depending on age of a person.  Causes can include infections, stroke, neurological disorders, and genetics 
  • In six out of ten cases, the cause of epilepsy is UNKNOWN
Who gets epilepsy?
  • Any person
  • Any age
  • Any ethnicity
What are some treatments of epilepsy?
  • Medications
  • Brain surgery
  • Diet
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