Sonzee's Lifetime Adventures

Personal Endeavors
  1. Teach each President (during my lifetime) and family about CDKL5-Sent letter 5/16
  2. Eat a non ketogenic cupcake
  3. Have a bad hair day
  4. Get a drivers license
  5. Wake up smiling
  6. Watch a movie in the middle of the day
  7. Take a bubble bath
  8. Be part of a race
  9. Get dirty
  10. Splash in a puddle
  11. Play in the rain
  12. Go to a concert
  13. Play an instrument by myself
  14. Go fishing
  15. Fight with a sibling (or 2, or 3)

  1. Sit outside and feel the warm breeze on a spring day
  2. Go on a walk with Aba 
  3. Put feet in the grass
  4. Put feet in the sand
  5. Put feet in the ocean
  6. Go tubing
  7. Go camping
  8. Play in snow
  1. Visit at least one CDKL5 sibling a year-Nieve (2015), (Mimi, Nieve, *Sorrell, Avery 2016)
  2. Have regular correspondence with a pen pal
  3. Have a sleepover
  1. Fly on a plane-6/15; 11/15; 6/16; 8/16
  2. Visit all 50 states-Colorado (6/15), California (8/15; 12/15), Florida (11/15)
  3. Float in the Dead Sea
  4. Visit the Great Wall of China
  5. Travel across country by car-Drove to Loch Sheldrake, NY (Summer 2017)
  6. Go to DisneyWorld
  7. Go to Disneyland-Disneyland California Adventure (12/15)
  8. Go to the Grand Canyon
  1. Go on a hot air balloon ride
  2. Go sledding-Big Bear, California (12/15)
  3. Go skiing
  4. Go ice skating-Tzviki's 5th birthday party (8/16)
  5. Go roller skating
  6. Go slip and sliding
  7. Go down a waterside
  1. Take care of a pet
  2. Swim with dolphins
  3. Swim with a manatee
  4. Go to Lion Country Safari
  5. Go to Bearizona Wildlife Park

Physical Developmental Milestones
  1. Sit supported for 1 minute
  2. Sit supported for 5 or more minutes
  3. Sit unsupported for 1 minute
  4. Sit unsupported for 5 or more minutes
  5. Hold a toy
  6. Pass a toy from one hand to another-Passed Mermie 10/26/16
  7. Reach for a parent
  8. Roll over in both directions-(Around 5 months old initially) then May 2017 (when in the mood)
  9. Bear weight in both legs
  10. Stand with support
  11. Stand without support
  12. Take steps with support
  13. Take steps without support
Social Developmental Milestones
  1. Have a consistent social smile
  2. Laugh when tickled 

**Items can always be added to Sonzee's Lifetime Adventures, please email or send a Facebook message if you would like us to consider an addition,

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