Tuesday, March 30, 2021

60 weeks (a day late)

Dear Sonzee, 

60 weeks.  I feel like for some reason 60 weeks should mark some sort of significant milestone, but it's just another week.  Another Monday that will come and go marking the physical absence that we feel regardless of the number of minutes, hours, days, or weeks that continue to go by.  60 weeks in terms of life is a pregnancy and a half.  Weird to think that in just another 20 weeks it will mark the birth of 2 different pregnancy journies (not mine) that will have started and finished since your absence. For us, there won't ever be a true celebration no matter the amount of time that will continue to go by.  For me, it will just continue to be the same tug of war within my brain that can't understand how such a small amount of time and a substantial amount of time have simultaneously passed.

This past weekend we celebrated our 2nd set of Passover seders without you. It won't ever be the same.  It is weird how we smile and laugh and have a great time, but there is always this shadow, an elephant if you will that fills the room. At least for me and I am pretty sure for aba as well.  A beautiful bouquet arrived right before candle lighting Friday night in your honor. It still sits on the dining room table, all red, various types of flowers, all of them in various stages of bloom.  I hope it lasts the entire holiday, but only time will tell.  We continued with the 2nd annual Passover break tradition of having a bounce house in the backyard this week.  This time it is a combo, bounce/slide/obstacle course, and your siblings have actually not complained, yet.  They have spent many an hour out there and so far so good (and nothing broken...yet).

I am working this week (yay!) so aba and savta are hanging with your crazy siblings.  Hopefully, they won't drive them completely insane, and maybe there will be some food left in the house when I get home tomorrow.  They have literally eaten non-stop, it is insane. Ziva is getting her tonsils removed tomorrow, so if you could just make sure she is being taken care of during the procedure that would be greatly appreciated.  

Anyway, my love, nothing is the same since you have left us and nothing ever will be.  I miss you beyond words and comprehension!

Until next time.

Love always,

The Mighty Contributor

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