Monday, March 22, 2021

59 weeks

Dear Sonzee, 

Hey baby girl it has been one insane week!!! To start it off last week Meena started a tumbling class at gymnastics and to her delight started to work on her back handspring.  In typical Zaila fashion we landed at the urgent care getting x-rays and thankfully despite them leaning toward an avulsion fracture of her ankle, it is just a sprain.  The bruise looked awful, but in true Meena fashion without it being officially labeled as broken she went back to class Tuesday and worked through the pain.  Aba and I made her halt her tumbling around the house since, but by yesterday she was back to cartwheeling as her main method of moving around and she says it doesn't hurt as much, so I think it is definitely feeling better.  

As I mentioned in last week's letter, Tzvi had the state tournament this past week. It started on Thursday night for him and 3 game wins later he ended up in the final championship game last night against the one team that gave them their 2 losses this season.  I have never been more nervous about a sporting event in my entire life (that I can remember).  Aba was pacing, I was standing and sitting and jumping and screaming! It came down to an overtime shootout and on the 3rd shot his teammate made an amazing goal and they won! It was insanity! Your brother slept with his medal and is bringing it to school.  The trophy will find its way to our house within the next few weeks for a few nights. I mentioned to aba my predicament of how to take a picture with you being part of it. I am not sure the cemetery is the most uplifting background for a state championship trophy, but I have to find a way to take a sibling picture,  this is one of my #lifeafterSonzee challenges.

The hardest part of being so insanely proud of him and so happy for him is the gut-crushing pain that comes within a second of remembering you aren't there with us being part of it.  Nurse Paige saw the post of the pictures and videos on Facebook and said "congratulations".  I mentioned back to her that in another life you and she would have been present to see it yourselves.  The reality of that statement hurts me beyond words and makes it so hard to stay in the happy present moment of being one ecstatic ema! I hope you were able to witness his victory but from a far better view than we could have given you in your wheelchair in front of the glass bundled in gold sequin boots, a Sun Devil hat, and tons of blankets.

This coming week will mark another Passover seder you won't be present at.  Noam has been singing so many songs this week I think he is excited.  We are having everyone here for both nights.  Savta will be coming for the first time in over a year on Tuesday.  The last time we saw her was when we celebrated you.  Everyone is very excited and looking forward to her visit. I wonder what you will be doing? Do you celebrate the holidays where you are? Will you be with Saba? 

Anyway my love. I miss you so much!  Have a great week. Stay safe!

Until next time.

Love always, 

The Mighty Contributor

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