Monday, July 6, 2020

22 weeks

Dear Sonzee,

It's been another week down, and an eternity of them to go.  This last week was a pretty rough one, I am sure you could gather as much from my letters.  It was the first week I broke down in the kitchen and your siblings were excitedly telling one another "Ema is crying".  We can blame it on aba because he saw me struggling to hold on to the invisible thread and he got up to give me a hug and that was all it took for me to completely lose it.  I know it is okay for them to see me fall apart every once and a while, but I really dislike any time it happens. 

The one good thing about time passing by is that aba and I are discussing things related to our grief a little bit more, and it appears for once we might actually be on the same page.  In all honesty, it doesn't really help all that much.  All the pages suck.  They all involve some sort of attempt at trying to justify that you are in a better place while soaking up all the amazing moments with your siblings and yet ultimately fighting the incredible pain of missing you all at once.  It's another tough picture to paint adequately.  It's something no one should have to fathom much less endure, and anyone who gets it sadly is living it.

Your entire life was such a struggle for you, you faced so many challenges and you were in some amount of pain probably close to always.  It isn't a life that we would have chosen for you, nor is it one we would wish upon any person.  Yet it was the life we came to know and learn to live with and some days you even put on a smile.  It was so hard for us to watch you go through everything you had to, and I don't believe those who would try to tell me you didn't know any different. I am sure you were exhausted seizing all the time, not being able to eat by mouth, and not being able to tell us about anything you wanted.  I can only imagine the amazing things you are up to now that you are finally free.  I am sure my heart would be beaming if I could sneak a peek through some tiny window into your new world.  This hope of you being the 5-year-old you never could have been here, is what aba and I remind ourselves is what is for the best.   It's our only consolation prize.

Laeya told us over the weekend that you have come to visit her a couple of times.  She said you are "a complete girly girl".  I asked her if your hair was done, and she said "it's always up in the cute pigtails with the bows like nurse Paige gave you".  She said your voice sounds like a mixture of Noam's and Meena's...I wish I could hear it because I cannot really hear it in my mind.  She said you have been hanging around with saba and that you and Harper have had some playdates.  She said she knows you have at least one other friend, but she can't remember if you told her the name or if she just forgot, but you were going to see her later on that day.  I am glad she sees you in her dreams because I know how hard your absence has been for her. 

As always I hope you are staying safe and know how much you are missed and loved.  Until next week.

Love always,

The Mighty Contributor

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