Thursday, May 26, 2016


When you study a specific subject matter for a lengthy amount of time, you become extremely knowledgeable on that topic.  The same can be said in regards to dealing with certain situations for an increasing length of time; you become so well versed on that specific subject matter that you know its ins and outs.  When you spend your days caring for a child who has a specific genetic condition, even without any prior formal medical training, over time, you become an expert in this specific field.  That is why from the very beginning of this journey when other parents in the CDKL5 parent support group shared their experiences with seizure treatments, the best types of therapies, vaccinations, overall health difficulties, etc., we have listened and we have trusted.  

Every wobbly step Sam and I have taken on this journey has been done while holding the virtual hands of other parents with kiddos with CDKL5.  All of these parents love Sonzee as much as we do.  They want only the best for her.  They share their experiences both successful and those that turned out unfavorable for us to use as tools for guidance.  The successes they share to not only instill hope, but also with an extreme desire that this specific recommendation might result with the same positive outcome for Sonzee.  They share the unfortunate experiences not to take away hope, but more as a warning; a message to keep in the back of our heads that says, "Hey, this could happen" or "be sure to keep a lookout for....”   

As we all know there is no specific cookie cutter route for dealing with all of the situations that could potentially arise while having a child who has a CDKL5 mutation.  Each child has his/her own specific path to take, dealing with his/her health and developmental obstacles.  There are certain key elements that are present in the majority of the kiddos, but how each child responds to specific treatments, therapies, vaccinations, etc. varies.  The only option we have is to take the advice of other parents, combine it with the information shared from our medical professionals, follow our wavering instincts, and simply gamble.

I personally am not a fan of gambling, it is not a thrill of mine.  Maybe it is because the negative feelings of losing outweigh any potential feeling of joy that could occur if I were to win.  Maybe it is because I am not an inherently lucky person and I figure with the odds against me that there is no point.  No matter the possible reasons as to why, I just really dislike gambling.  This is an extremely difficult thing to dislike when essentially EVERY decision we will ever have to make for Sonze is based off some sort of gamble.  A gamble that no matter what the result is essentially life changing in all interpretations of that term.  From the very beginning, we have lived with only seeing the consequences of our choices in Hindsight.  

These past three weeks we have seen the consequences of our choices for Sonzee play out in a manner that has left me way down at the bottom of the coaster.  I do not and cannot regret any of the decisions we have made, I know we are only doing our best with the situation we have been given.  HOWEVER that does not change the guilt, anger, and sadness that follows when you see your child suffer based on the decisions you made with the main goal being to help her.  It is so hard to say if her current predicament is a result of the ketogenic diet, the gtube placement, the high dose steroids, or a combination of all of the above.  Was this issue inevitable regardless of any decision we made just because of her specific body and the effects of her specific CDKL5 mutation?  Regardless of the cause, I cannot say we were not warned.

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