Friday, May 13, 2016


Since the beginning of this week it was discussed should Sonzee require the PICC line for TPN that she would also have a video fluoroscopy and sigmoidostomy while under anesthesia.  The purpose of these two procedures was to see if there could be answer to the question of what is causing Sonzee’s issues.  We are aware that delayed gut motility can be a negative component of having a CDKL5 mutation, but there can be other factors such as an allergy to one of the ingredients in her formula, or the ketogenic diet by itself can have a negative impact on a child’s digestive system. 

It was determined after Wednesday night that it was necessary to give Sonzee nutrition and we entertained the NJ tube trial long enough without having any success with her absorbing the nutrients.  Our doctor had already filled our heads with the idea of a PICC line and potential TPN from the beginning so we would not be blindsided should it become a reality.  I am beyond appreciative for that, as by the time Thursday morning rolled around, after Sonzee was presenting concerning signs that she was extremely malnourished, I basically asked the day team what time the PICC line would be placed.  The procedure was finally set for 2:00 with the GI procedures following immediately after.  Sonzee’s blood sugar was very low indicating she was in acidosis from the ketogenic diet and her lack of nutrition so she was given sugar water to correct this prior to the procedure and her sugars came back up.

The PICC line was successfully placed and it was time for GI.  By 3:30, her GI doctor came out to us to discuss his findings.  I have to admit I honestly did not anticipate what he would tell us.  I really just assumed he would take the biopsies, send them off, and we would discuss the results after the lab performed tests on them.  What we learned was definitely unexpected.

When her doctor inserted the camera down her esophagus and into her stomach, he was met with resistance until he filled her stomach with air and noticed an obstruction.  The obstruction he soon learned was part of the PEG tube that had been placed back in March.  The PEG tube that was placed in order for Sonzee to receive supplemental nutrition to ensure she gained weight appropriately.  The PEG tube that Sam and I spent HOURS agonizing whether it was the right decision for her.  The PEG tube that was supposed to HELP her.  Instead, the PEG tube caused an obstruction that blocked the ability of contents entering her stomach to exit and enter into her intestine, and forced the contents to go back out the same way they entered.  The PEG tube has left her stomach and itself useless until it can be switched to the MIC-KEY in three more weeks after the tract is completely healed.  The tube is not solely responsible for the predicament Sonze is in, however, it is believed to have exaggerated the situation.  Her intestines were unable to pick up the entire responsibility we placed on them in terms of handling her feeds, but with the assistance of TPN, we will give them another chance.  We are hopeful that her stomach will be able to resume typical function following the MIC-KEY button placement and when she is ready to move back to stomach feeds.  

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