Monday, December 14, 2020

45 weeks

Dear Sonzee, 

We are just 7 weeks from it being 52 Mondays' since I last held you in my arms.  Today at 1:08pm will be 45 weeks from the day your soul left your physical body.  This week we are back at Harper, Lily, and Seth's house.  Your siblings are having a great time, and aba and I are thoroughly enjoying our time with Mrs. Penny and Mr. Dustin.  The whole situation is surreal.  Harper left them before you even turned one before we ever met them in person and before we ever came to Dallas for the first time.  We have essentially only known Harper's family without Harper, but yet it is so surreal to be in a house that has suffered the same loss.  We once entered knowing we would be them one day, and now we enter with an understanding of the pain that (thankfully) the majority of parents don't need to know.  I felt some relief in seeing the family pictures on display are the ones that include Harper, I know they have taken pictures since, but I also know the challenge of being able to look at those.

Your brother's hockey team did awesomely.  They made it to the semi-finals, and then ironically played one of their challenging opponents from Arizona and lost.  It was disappointing, but yet comical that we came to Dallas to play an Arizona team.  That team went on to win the entire tournament, so I would say their win was justified.  Tzvi's game is improving and allowing him to hang out with his teammates goofing around, and not have any fear over corona has been a huge relief.  It was really great for him, and I loved being back in the rink cheering him on.  This year it is gold sequin boots, and everyone commented on them!  Your sisters watched from the live stream, so they didn't get to wear theirs, but they are ready for when we get back to Phoenix.  You would have loved yours, and the maroon beanie with the pompom on top.

Bear Pines sort of took on a life of its own this month and I am really excited about all of the upcoming stays.  I think I even got aba to agree to a new larger washing machine.  Miss Penny's is amazing and HUGE and I really need (want) that bad boy hooked up in the laundry room.  We will see how that goes, but I am seeing the clouds part and the angels singing as it is being installed in my mind.  There were a couple little bits of snowfall last week, but nothing heavy on the forecast for at least the next 10 days.  I keep watching for snowflakes on the weather app.  I need to get some things done before the snow really settles in for winter, but the worst case would be doing it during the snowfall.

Aba and I took a deep breath before we went out of town last week to the cemetery to see if your monument was installed.  In a collective sigh, it was not, and then I received the email it was the next day.  The debate now is, do I really want to see it before the unveiling.  I am really torn.  It is really a challenging decision.  I have a few rocks I need to paint for the next time I go and visit you.  I also have to make sure I order the little animal figurine to mark the year.  Time really is sneaky that is for sure.

Anyway my love. 

I hope you are doing well.  I hope you know how missed and loved you are.

Love always, 

The Mighty Contributor

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