Monday, August 10, 2020

27 weeks

Dear Sonzee, 

Hi baby girl!  It's been another week since we were together.  As time seems to get further away, the length between my weekly posts is also starting to feel like forever, yet the same 7 days go by.  I am sitting on the porch at Bear Pines drinking my coffee attempting to warm up.  It is a little contradictory considering it's in the 60s and I chose to sit outside to warm up, I get that, but it's relatively quiet out here and there is a family of hummingbirds that fly between our house and the neighbors and I am hoping to see them. Yesterday one went right up to your wind chime.  I am considering joining the ranks of the natives here and putting up some bird feeders and whatnot, but the bugs, eek.  Speaking of that, I have gotten less afraid of the small spiders and can deal with the moths, albeit their annoyance, but last night before bed a not so little spider decided to just galavant across the carpet upstairs, we both froze, I called for aba, and naturally, he had to go.  We have a very clear understanding that if they stay outside the house they can live a very fulfilling life, but if they enter into mine...well let's be honest, I am not going to assist them on their earthly mission. 

Today begins the official first day of me providing teletherapy for the school year.  I am excited but definitely nervous.  It's all-new teachers for me to get to know and half of my caseload is also different.  I suppose that isn't completely different from if we were in person, but virtual adds a different set of nerves for me.  I am sure in a few weeks things will settle down and the schedule won't feel as chaotic and things will come together.  Right now I just feel overwhelmed with it all.  Charlotte's mommy asked me yesterday about how it was going and I gave her the thumbs up drowning gif and said "similar to living life with CDKL5".

Yesterday we went to the park and there was an area that should've been for you.  I am going to need to write a separate post about it when time permits, but the whole experience was surreal.  Pretty much sums up life without you here in general I guess.  

Meena and Tzviki painted you some new rocks before we headed back up here, I didn't bring them to you before we left because I had brought you some others, so just know there are more coming your way.  

I am sorry this is short, I will be back. I hope you are continuing to be at peace, and know we love and miss you.

Love always,

The Mighty Contributor

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