Tuesday, April 21, 2015

The first of many

Overall today has been a day of positivity!  Being a planner by nature, getting Sonya's therapies and appointments in order has lifted my spirit and attitude immensely!

To start, we have an AMAZING swim school here in Phoenix where we have sent all of the kids since our oldest was 6 months old (Hubbard Swim School).  Sonya will be swimming 3 times a week in the baby splash class starting tomorrow!  I am so excited to be getting her into the water and seeing what it does in the long run for her muscles and overall physical development :-).

She has her first meeting with the AZ foundation for the Blind on Thursday, and I have heard amazing things about the programs they have.  She will be starting vision therapy from them soon after our meet and greet.

She has her first Physical Therapy appointment scheduled for May 4.  It was supposed to be this Thursday, but then it kept getting rescheduled...ARGH.  So until she starts with her therapist, I will continue to work with her myself. (For the record I was trained in Speech Therapy, so I honestly have no clue what I am doing lol)

Working on head control 

Working on crossing midline with her hands by batting at the objects hanging

Today Sonya had her first eye appointment with an amazing doctor, Dr. G.  He told us she is level 2 nearsighted.  From what he read about CDKL5 and its effect on vision, he was pleased with Sonya's exam.  He said she can see about 2 feet in front of her, and that is pretty typical for a child her age.  All of her structures are intact, retinas looked good, and her eyes were dilating appropriately.  It is hard to tell at this age what her visual impairment will be, but he says he has a lens to help for just about everything.  We will go back in 6 months when her color receptors should be communicating and he will have more information for us.

Having her eyes examined

 I know Sonya has a lot more to tell us and I am really excited to be on her journey as it unfolds! 

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  1. We are so excited to see what Sonya keeps accomplishing!