Sunday, April 26, 2015


Today Sonya had her second swim class.  Since one of Sonya's older sisters swims on Sunday, Sam went into the water with her, so I went in the water again with Sonya.  Today she was not as happy, and she cried a fair amount.  As far as her working on her skills, she did a fantastic job!

Sonya loves swishing back and forth during class. 

 She gave me some pretty good eye contact

While floating on her back, I worked on holding her head at midline since she prefers to turn it to her left.

What was not pictured: 
  • Resting her arms on the wall, bearing weight on elbows while looking into a mirror
  • Tummy time on the yellow hippo mat
  • Holding head up while going around the pool on tummy
Sonya's Schedule for this week:

Tomorrow we will touch base with Sonya's neurologist to let her know about her seizure activity over the past week.  We are going to be heading back to PEMU (pediatric epilepsy monitoring unit) sometime within the next few weeks to get a better idea of what is occurring during her seizures (as far as type, and actual length).  

She also has swim tomorrow and Wednesday.

Thursday we are scheduled to go to the geneticist.  Hopefully we will learn more about Sonya's specific mutation and see if they offer any additional insight into her diagnosis.

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