Saturday, April 25, 2015

Sonya's 2 Month Stats

Almost 2 weeks behind schedule, but Sonya finally had her two month check-up.  She was in the 50% across the board for height, weight, and head circumference.  10lbs 6oz, 22inches, and I think 15in for her head (I need to double check that stat).  

She is doing really well these days with her head control.  Her pediatrician said she appears on target for now developmentally!  We will go back in a month so we can keep a close eye on her development.  She is starting to smile in response to social interactions, however it is inconsistent. We do feel she is responding to our voices and she appears to get excited when we speak in a high pitch.  As soon as she smiles for the camera, you will all get to see!!!

She received her rotavirus, Hib 2, and Polio vaccines.  We don't normally put vaccinations on a delayed schedule, but her awesome pediatrician felt it best to spread them out to limit the odds of her spiking a fever; since fevers can lower her seizure threshold.  She will also not be receiving the dTap vaccine at this time, as the p (pertussis) portion of the vaccine should not be used in children who are having uncontrolled seizures.  While Sonya is on medications, she unfortunately is continuing to have seizures (approximately 2-3 a day).  In a month she will receive the remaining 2 month vaccines, and possibly receive the dTa portion of the dTap vaccine. 

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