Monday, April 20, 2015

Fake it til you make it

When you enter into this unknown world of having a child with special needs you are filled with so many different feelings and thoughts.  I know everyone travels this path differently, I can see that just between Sam and I.  People will tell you the same things, "You are so strong", "Sonya is so lucky to have you as a parent(as parents)", "G-d only gives you what you can handle".  I keep hearing these words, and I think to myself, "if only you all knew that I felt like I was drowning, like I can't catch my breath, like I am on a ride that I want so badly to get off, but I can't".  

I was talking to a woman who I admire so much, whom has been on this journey with me from Sonya's NICU stay, and then very first hospitalization, who knows all too well what I am going through.  Her response, "fake it 'til you make it".  I intend on making that my moto for the interim.  I know this is just one part of the long road we have ahead, and I truly believe one day I won't be faking it...

Since this is Sonya's story, she would like to tell you that she is working very hard on her head control :-)

 Working hard trying to keep her head up

Her hand must taste good

 She must have gotten confused, this was not intended to be a naptime :-)

Success!!  Lifting her head like a champ!


  1. That's our girl! (Comment goes to both of you!)

  2. By the time the two of you finish with her "drills" there wont be a Marine she cant take on!