Tuesday, May 24, 2022

119 & 120 weeks and 2 days

Dear Sonzee, 

I am so beyond sorry that over 2 weeks have passed since my last letter to you.  In fact, it has been exactly 14 days since my previous blog post.  No excuses, just the days get away from me and the grief exhaustion weighs down the typical day-to-day life exhaustion and here we are...2 weeks since.

119 weeks was filled with so many work meetings and progress reporting. That paired with the typical chauffeur services for your siblings with all of their activities and attempting to get things done with the new house. It finished with me helping with sizing at the hockey rink for the older kids' hockey tryout weekend.

120 weeks wrapped up another year for me at FBC.  With that, your sisters and I went to NY for the weekend for Meira's bat mitzvah.  You were missed and mentioned a multitude of times.  It is always a great time in NY for me.  It was a beautiful Simcha and we all loved seeing our friends (and uncle and Hay Hay). I feel like I am living the luckiest life, having friends and family in NY that I get to see over the summer and during events, and then the same in Arizona.  We got home late Sunday night after a slight hold-up on the plane in JFK.  We did learn however that it is your brother with the bad flying luck, as everything went smoothly in the grand scheme of things. 

As I age my memory seems to be fading a bit so I think I touched on the most important aspects of the last 2 weeks.  Construction continues on and I dare say I see the end in sight. We miss you a lot and love you more!

Until next time.

Love always, 

The Mighty Contributor

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