Monday, May 9, 2022

118 weeks

Dear Sonzee, 

Another week down, an eternity for me to go.  This last week I went with your little brother to see Blippi live.  It sounds as horrible as you can imagine, but I did learn that there are kosher alcoholic beverages available at children's events (Thank you g-d).  The only challenge was finishing it before the show began.  Noam appeared to have enjoyed it with one of his besties and thankfully his mom is one of mine, so it made it as enjoyable as it could be.  While we were there I couldn't help but notice the little boy being pushed by his father in a wheelchair. After I smiled at them and walked by I thought about how I didn't know if you ever loved any specific character or show that you would have liked to see in person?  Did I never offer you the opportunity?  Did you just not care enough?  Is it solely because baby #5 watches shows and the rest of you I was more strict on tv time?  I doubt that's the case Tzvi loved Chuggington, Laeya was obsessed with Angelina ballerina, and Meena loved whatever Laeya loved.  Maybe it was because we spent so much time absorbed with your medical needs I never took the time to figure out which character would have been your favorite?  After all of those thoughts as we walked to our seats I saw the section that would have been for us, up at the top with the fold-out chairs so we could move them to the side to get your wheelchair in.  Truthfully, maybe it was just because of your CVI that we weren't able to figure it all out?

The school year for FBC is quickly coming to a close.  I have been swamped with IEPs, MET2s, and transition meetings.  I am looking forward to summer being just 8 school days away.  I am sure despite "all of the time" I will theoretically have over summer will fly by without me getting anything done, but here is to hoping.

Last week we all went to grief group for the first time in literally years.  I always enjoy going, but Tzvi typically has hockey so the boys don't get to come.  I think it is good for your siblings, but of course, they say they don't need it.  They end up enjoying it when they do go though.  It was Noam's first time being old enough to attend.  It appeared he enjoyed himself.  He and Meena made me handprint pot holders, amazingly, they were red. 

We are another week closer to construction being over. I (think) I am ready to set up your space, so I am eager for that part of the kitchen to be finished already.

Ok baby girl. I hope you have a great week with your friends!

Until next time.

Love always, 

The Mighty Contributor

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