Monday, May 24, 2021

68 weeks

Dear Sonzee, 

We have almost finished with another Monday again.  Not quite sure how the days continue to fly by.  I also do not understand how I have so much to do and still no time to manage to get it all done.  This last week has been filled with more after-school activities than I can even process.  Between Meena and her gymnastics and Tzvi and his hockey, I. am. spent.  That is not even including the regularly scheduled ninja for Laeya and Noam and all of their swim classes.  On top of it all, I am trying to do the makeup sessions, which is just so much.  

Thursday was the last day of FBC for the summer.  I managed to survive two preschool graduations (not without tears).  The first one drove me into my office to have a good cry alone and the second one I was able to hide behind the camera I was holding for the online kiddos.  (That was Miss Tara's idea thinking if I was distracted with a job it might help, and it did until my mind had a moment to think, and bam).  Thankfully I have mastered my ability to swallow the tears just as quickly as they occur so few if any people actually noticed.  I did myself a favor and skipped the 3rd one that would have been on your campus.  I never attended preschool graduation there before, this year was not going to be my first. 

Your brother had hockey tryouts for the 2021-2022 season that will begin in August.  What an emotional experience it always is, but this year felt more intense. He earned himself a spot on one of the best 10U teams in the valley. We are so proud, and the boots this year will be purple sequin (if I can find them).  You would have rocked them.  Also, this is the team with the purple blankets!  You would have looked adorable covered in that as well.  My only concern for myself is that his home ice is the place with the wheelchair elevator lift you and your sisters used to ride.  It was the one we used to have to wait for the key to open it up.  I have been there since and found myself staring in that direction in a daydream.  I find myself torn thinking of how maybe one day it won't bother me while simultaneously scared for that day to come.

Meena turned 8 yesterday!  We went to a place that had trampolines, scooters, and all these parkour types of activities.  Meena had her friends, Tzvi and Laeya were with Momo, and Ziva and Noam were both trying to find their place, and I said how they needed a (mobile) Sonzee to bridge the gap.  The three of you would have probably been quite the trio.  Although, honestly I do wonder if maybe you and Mo would have actually been closer than Mo and Meena and if the dynamic would have somehow been altered in general.  We won't ever know, but I do wonder.  

Anyway my love, sorry this letter is being sent so late in the day.

I love and miss you and hope you are doing well, having fun, and staying healthy!

Until next time.

Love always, 

The Mighty Contributor

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