Sunday, April 19, 2020

Not okay

The first time I remember reading this quote was when I was a teenager.  It is one of those quotes that attempt to offer some sort of comfort in various situations, and for many of those situations, it does work because there is a motivation to keep going until it really is okay.  But, I am learning that it just isn't always the case.  There are some times when it's the end and it's not okay and there are some times when it's not the end and it's still not okay, but to quote a book I am reading, sometimes "it is okay to not be okay".

There seems to be some sort of emphasis on things needing to be okay.  A need for life to constantly be rainbows and butterflies, or to at least try and put a positive spin on things or else you are failing or doing life wrong.  If you don't attempt to see the good in the bad than it's a problem, you aren't feeling blessed,  or you are being ungrateful.  If you cannot or do not make lemons out of lemonade than it's your negative attitude that is the issue.  There are plenty of horrible situations, that are excruciatingly painful, that are just not okay, and there should be no reason they are trivialized. 

It can be dark and scary to be sucked deep down into the depths of not okay.  It can even feel cold, lonely, smothering, and suffocating while you are there.  Sometimes not okay is just part of the journey and there are going to be times where there is not going to be an end.  On the longer journeys to nowhere, while you continue to wait for the nonexistent magic wand that will make everything okay, try to find someone to reassure you that it's okay that everything is not okay, and if is not okay, it doesn't mean you failed.

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