Monday, February 10, 2020

To Be Continued...

I started making Shutterfly albums in 2008 after Sam's and my honeymoon.  It was the first company I was told of at the time that allowed me to not have to go to the store to get physical prints of the pictures in order to make a scrapbook.  Since I love to document as many of life's events as possible, having a way to create an album from the comfort of my home was fantastic.  After our honeymoon, I continued to use Shutterfly for all of my picture needs.  My intention has been to document as much of our children's lives as possible so when they grow up and move out, they will have these books to remind them of their childhood.  Since each album to me is just a snapshot of a moment in our life waiting for the next album to pick up where the previous one left off, on the back cover of every album I place a picture with the words, "To Be Continued".

While the series of Sonzee's books will have far fewer volumes filled with pictures of her life here with us, there is no way that her story has been spoken for the last time.  There is no way that her impact here on this world in a physical manner has come to an end.  I know that her physical presence is no longer needed here with us for her purpose to be known, but I know that in her short time, she merely planted a seed for whatever her purpose was to be cultivated without her having to struggle alongside. 

As it was pointed out during her funeral in a quote by Terry Pratchet,  "No one is actually dead until the ripples they cause die away", and I realize I do not even know the depths to which Sonya's Story has sent ripples.  For a little girl who never spoke a word she has shared quite an amazing story.  She has positively impacted and inspired so many, that my level of pride and joy has jumped off the charts.  I really hope wherever she is she is able to see how many people love her, miss her, and are forever changed because of her, and because I know she has more to say, just as every one of my albums ends, this one will also include, "To Be Continued".

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  1. Sonzee continues in the form of pure joy, pure harmony, pure peace, and pure love. I pray you feel her presence often. At my calmest, I feel Sorrel.