Friday, January 31, 2020


As parents, we do our best to soak in every moment we have with our children and make sure to give them as many experiences that we can possibly offer.  Mainly because they are only little once and because the years fly by so quickly, but deep down there is the fact that tomorrow isn't guaranteed for anyone. We provide them with social opportunities, enroll them in extracurricular activities, take them on trips, and try to provide the most caring and loving environment to foster a lifetime of happiness.  No matter the type of child being parented, the situations may need to be adapted, but any loving parent will do their utmost to fill those first 18 or so years of their child's life with what they feel is the best for them.  In return, the payoff is watching your child grow older while developing their own sense of self and eventually one day moving on to do the very same with a family of their own.

Unfortunately, as Sam and I as well as too many other parents to list have learned, sometimes the typical way of life just isn't what is meant for everyone.  The typical parenting experience is derailed and you learn to adjust the opportunities that are provided, but always, the opportunities are provided, always the love is given, and always you watch your child develop their own sense of self in a different sort of way.  It isn't always clearly communicated, it takes a lot of guesswork and supports, but, your child is still the person he or she is as an individual, but one who just requires some level of assistance.  Regardless, you spend your moments with them the same you would as any parent, loving on them, kissing them, talking to them, playing with them...simply, parenting them.

But then there are special situations.  The ones that are unfathomable, the ones that aren't at all able to be processed because they simply don't make sense.  They are the situations that result in an ending that defies the order of operations.  Sometimes, if you are lucky you get a warning, and you get to prepare, whatever that really means.  You quickly make sure to squeeze years of moments into the shortest time possible.  You spend all your time thinking of every memory you might regret not having because you know you aren't ever going to have the chance again to get to them and you find a way of making it actually happen.  You spend all of your time loving on them, hugging them, and kissing them, but all the while wondering, how on earth you are going to get enough to last the rest of your lifetime.

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