Monday, January 16, 2017

Sippy cups and such

I've always considered us fortunate that Sonzee was our 4th child and 3rd daughter.  After all, that left us with three typical children and two other daughters who we could get all the standard girlie experiences with.  I have always felt that by having all four of ours we are "well rounded" because we get to experience all that parenthood and life really does have to offer.  In the past 23 months, I have never felt that I was missing out on anything because I have other children who fulfill those potential voids.  Our oldest is on the competitive dance team, she gives us a run for our money in all ways as we continue to use her as our guinea pig for learning how to parent.  Our son is into ice hockey and is our one big man on campus, so we get to learn the ropes of parenting a boy with him and all the thrills that are sure to come with that.  Our third has been rightfully nicknamed a spitfire and if you know her you are smiling at this reference because this just explains her completely.  A fun little independent ball of spunk who continues to show us we still don’t have a clue at this parenting gig.  With these three you can imagine the thrills and experiences we are getting as parents.  Getting to live through all my older children's activities, personalities, and experiences has always been "sufficient"...and then there was this past weekend.

When you have a typically healthy child who rarely gets sick, but then does and she wants to cuddle and you are already sick you just throw back the covers and invite her in.  As I laid in bed on Saturday morning with child #3, she asked me for a drink of water so I got up and went into the kitchen and found a Frozen themed sippy cup with a pink lid that I knew didn't spill or leak and brought it back filled with "cold water".  After she drank from the cup she started to talk.

M: "This is Laeya's Frozen cup, hers is pink, mine is purple" E: "Oh ya you are right this is her sippy cup" M: "Where is my purple sippy cup?" E: "You know, I am not sure where yours is" M: "Mine has Ana and Laeya's has Elsa" E: "When we feel better we will have to look for your purple Ana sippy cup".

Halfway through the conversation is when the new "aha moment" hit me.  It was as I continued to lay in bed while she drifted off to sleep that it really sunk in.  We can give Sonzee a device to communicate, and maybe (hopefully) she will eventually be able to say (or use her device to say) multiple word phrases to indicate her wants her and needs, but we most likely will never have a conversation about various sippy cups just because.  We won't be sitting in silence only to have it broken by a random conversation of her telling us that she would prefer a Shopkins or Pony birthday party in three weeks when she turns two.  There are so many conversations I realize now that I never thought I wouldn't be having with her.  I have always believed Sonzee's birth position to be a blessing, and yes there is still much belief in that, however, I never considered had she been our first or our only that I wouldn't be aware of some of the things that I would be missing.

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