Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Closer than yesterday

I have always been my own worst enemy when it comes to expectations I have set for myself.  I can be hard on myself for getting easily frustrated with the kids, not being as well put together as other mother's, not being able to do everything that I have set forth on my agenda for the day.  There are plenty of days that I stare into space for a good majority and then find myself upset that I did not take advantage of the time I could have spent doing other things, maybe "more" necessary things.  I am sure there are people who tell me that I did the best I could for the day in question.

If you are a part of our Facebook family then you probably have seen the pictures of Sonzee bear working hard on her physical skills.  I cannot speak for her, but I can guess that if she could use her words, she would tell me how frustrated she is with herself for not being able to bear weight on her arms and knees.  I think she might express disappointment within herself for not having met the age appropriate milestones that have passed by.  If she could talk and she did tell me that, it would be beyond heartbreaking.  I know how hard she is working, I know that even though it may not appear obvious to the casual onlooker, each day she is achieving little Sonzee-Stones.  

I have been speaking with others who are feeling as if their life is not all wrapped up neatly in the perfect box with the perfect bow.  Things in their life are a little off kilter and they are not sure how to regain their focus.  They have conveyed their fears and their anxiety, and admitted they are just so unsure about the direction their life is going.  They have doubts about employment, mothering, and their day to day actions. 

It can be so easy to be bogged down by the hustle and bustle of everyday life that we do not really see the bigger picture.  It is not every day that we typically sit in a moment of reflection and really realize all each of us has endured over the years causing us to make certain decisions.  We all have personal challenges and difficulties we must overcome and little by little every day we all do just that.  Every day is a new day and a chance for us to start fresh but not to forget how hard we have worked to be where we are at this exact moment.  I think this is one of those quotes that need to be turned into a magnet and placed in the kitchen, because...

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