Sunday, September 25, 2022

137 and 138 weeks (tomorrow)


Dear Sonzee,

I decided to combine the last two weeks since I wrote your monthly letter last week and tomorrow is Rosh Hashana. 

There has been a lot of hockey and a lot of craziness going on the last two weeks with everyone’s schedule.  Max came over and swam twice over the last two weeks. He is so cute, but not a complete fan of the water.  Your brother has finally received his back float ribbon and jump in back float ribbon at swim! (Took him long enough). He is becoming more comfortable in the pool, which is nice. I think that is in part to having the pool in the backyard now. Your siblings go swimming close to every day after school.

Tomorrow will make the 3rd beginning of the Jewish holiday season without you here. Hard to believe that is where we are…hard to believe how time is just passing us all by. 

I brought your goto seat from east valley to west valley so it will be used this year! It is nice seeing your equipment out and being used. For 90% of the time I love seeing it! (The 10% happens when I “forget” or it’s one of those days where I wish we had it for you still-although maybe you would have finally outgrown it by now?!) oh, I also brought it your elephant neck pillow so someone can use that as well! I could bring your angel pillow but it’s with your Sonzee Bear epilepsy stuffed animal on your rifton chair and I’m not sure I can part with it.

This past weekend we finally made it up to Bear Pines.  Tzvi had hockey so it was nice the two came together and the house was available for us. (Thankfully a friend cancelled due to something that came up so it made it so we could use it). I am hopefully for a snowy winter because it is so green and so wet I this year! If I could just figure out the flattening of the side yard so we can get the hockey rink to work out!!! 

Anyway! I hope you have an amazingly sweet new year, filled with more amazing firsts and health, happiness, fun times, and special moments!  We miss you immensely here!!! Feel free to visit (not in the form of water 😉)

Until next time!

Love always,


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