Tuesday, April 5, 2022

113 weeks and 1 day

Dear Sonzee, 

Hi baby girl!  It's been another week since you were last here.  I always feel like I cannot remember anything that happened during the previous week to recap when I finally take the time to sit down.  This last week Laeya graduated from Hubbard swim.  It is crazy that she started to swim there almost 12 years ago.  Hard to believe that now only Noam and Meena are left to swim.  Meena is now in Hammerhead seniors and Noam is still a goldfish.  He is finally getting more comfortable in the water, finally not grabbing onto his coach for dear life when he back floats.  He could have learned a thing or two from you and your waterways.

Last week I found myself going back to FBC main campus for a meeting.  It is funny, that I subconsciously take the long way if I have to go somewhere by the classrooms, and my body avoids the central hallway at all costs.  If I find myself in it for a specific reason my head refuses to turn to the left.  I am so thankful that I have these internal boundaries.  I can still picture you and Corrinne during circle time or rest time.  I think my mind is afraid to erase or replace those images, so it doesn't even allow it the opportunity.

Over shabbas we finally were able to get up to Bear Pines.  We took friends with us and it was so much fun!  Aba keeps bringing up selling it because of the insane prices houses are going for, but unfortunately for him, I am way too attached. We have local friends there who come over and the girls are obsessed with the doggies who live behind us.  Laeya spent over an hour cuddling one of their new little pups on Saturday.  The house itself is the perfect house, the feeling of calm that happens when I am there is impossible to mimic elsewhere, and the moral of the story is Bear Pines can't be sold.  

On Sunday was Elle's birthday, and Laeya went to a bat-mitzvah, it also happened to be the 3rd, which means it marked another month since you left us, but I can't lie and say I realized that, but I will explain more in another post.

Anyway baby girl!!

I miss you beyond words!

Until next time. 

Love always, 

The Mighty Contributor

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