Monday, April 18, 2022

115 weeks

Dear Sonzee, 

Today marks 115 Mondays that have come and gone.  It is the first Monday since you left us that we are in Florida.  My memory has become so foggy, but I want to say that you were never in south Florida, I wish I could remember some of the finer details of life, but with your absence went a majority of my memory.  Unless the events were profound, the images are all blurry, and even squinting doesn't help make them more clear.  

We left for Florida close to a week ago.  I spent a few days with Elle and your siblings had fun with aba and savta.  Friday marked the beginning of our 3rd Passover without you with us.  Aunt Shuly, Uncle Russell, and Jami came over for the first seder.  At the second seder, aba's good friend came over.  

Friday night your little brother ran around like a crazy man despite my attempts to explain he was going to get hurt, and now he has a broken hand.  I feel like I have unlocked another parenting level now that all of you have had at least one broken bone before you were 10 years old.  You still win for having the most, just never cast. We were always afraid you would hurt yourself during a seizure if you had a hard cast. 

Mr. Joe and the crew continued to work hard on the house while we have been away. The new pictures he sent show almost all the drywall complete and Noam's bathroom is cemented and ready for the next steps.  We are still waiting on the garage doors to be delivered and aba's and ema's vanity came damaged, but otherwise, I feel like things are going semi smoothly.  I am just ready to be in the house already!

Anyway baby girl.  We miss you lots!

Until next time.

Love always, 

The Mighty Contributor

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