Monday, September 13, 2021

84 weeks

Dear Sonzee, 

The clock keeps ticking, the days keep passing, I find myself 1/2 way through September and 84 weeks away from life with you.  I still don't really understand how life continues, and despite how complicated a simple 3-word phrase really is, it just does. This "life after Sonzee" is unreal at times, confusing, and really hard for my brain to process at times.  

We spent our 2nd Rosh Hashana without you.  I wrangled your siblings together for a picture, but I hardly even wanted to do that, I just knew I should.  This Hebrew year we will be celebrating Laeya's Bat-Mitzvah.  I cannot believe she will be 12.  I cannot believe you would be turning 7 just a few weeks later.  Instead 5 days after we celebrate her milestone, we will be honoring the second anniversary on the Hebrew calendar of your death.  

Noam woke up sick Saturday morning.  My immediate thought was one of panic, and then within 3 seconds I realized, rather, I reminded myself you aren't here so I have no reason to worry.  He will be over it quickly and even if your siblings caught it, it's essentially nothing.  He was over it within 24 hours, and I have no you to worry about, so life will just continue and it will take me longer to get over the panic it momentarily brought into my mindThe ease of these parts of life breaks my heart, the PTSD from life with you is permanent, and so it will be days before my fight or flight response settles and the anxiety of the mini panic subsides.  The grief of not having you just adds another level of heaviness to it all.

We booked tickets for Tzvi's hockey tournament coming up in Chicago.  Another reminder of how our life is so very different.  There was no call to Ryan House, no checking with nurse Paige's schedule, no feelings of potential guilt over us debating if we would take you with us.  It was as simple as picking a flight and me requesting the days off from work.  The guilt of life without you is extremely heavy.  It counteracts all the smiles.  

We received the lists from the company dealing with the house and water damage.  They labeled items "total loss" and had pictures.  I found myself crying in a parking lot over your clothing wardrobe.  I don't understand why that had to be damaged.  We had recently moved it out of the playroom and into Laeya's room so she could have a piece of you.  It's gone.  It was listed under "total loss", but we asked them to save it and I am not understanding why it wasn't.  Box 121 included items from Noam's closet, including your last package of diapers.  It was listed as "total loss".  It shouldn't have been.  They never were wet.  They were high on a shelf.  They have no monetary value, I want the package of diapers back.  Your bedroom doors were taken down, I have never erased them.  They have all of your last medication times and amounts written with nurse Paige's, Auntie A's, and my handwriting.  Your last doctor appointments are still there.  The doors were in the pile of "total loss".  Part of me wants them to be taken away like your bed, without me being aware, without me knowing.  The other part wants to cling onto them for dear life because it's all I have left of life with you.  

I feel like all of this entails some messages from you.  I am trying to figure out what specifically they are.  I am gathering it has to do with forcing myself to deal with your absence.  I also think it is you trying to tell us we have to move forward.  Both of those things I do understand are necessary, at least logic-brain says so, but grief brain, not so much.

Anyway, little girl.  I miss you beyond words.  I hope you are doing well. I hope you know how loved and missed you are.

Stay safe. Be healthy. 

Until next time.

Love always, 
The Mighty Contributor

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