Wednesday, September 8, 2021

83 weeks and 2 days

Dear Sonzee, 

I really do not understand how these weeks continue to fly by.  Between work and activities with your siblings, I can hardly remember much of the specifics.  Tzvi had his first scrimmage last Tuesday and then had his pre-season seeding tournament.  I wore my new purple glitter boots and my new Hockey mom sweatshirt.  His team had 2 wins and 2 losses over the weekend which isn't a bad way to go into the season. I am going to need to ask you to please spread your juju to him and help him with his shots.  He just needs a confidence boost and then he will be good to go.

Meena went back to gymnastics last week and after a day got moved up a level.  She is slated to compete in a year, which gives me ample time to try and figure out how to balance competitive hockey and gymnastics along with whatever Noam and Laeya are doing.  I swear I need to clone myself.

Work is a bit of a juggle lately since I changed my status from part-time to full-time. I was finally getting into a rhythm and then the holidays appeared, so now I just feel a bit overwhelmed trying to make sure I stay on top of everything and get everything done on time.  October will be a breath of fresh air when it finally arrives. 

Last Friday pop-pop gave us a bit of a scare but thankfully has recovered.  We spent another Shabbat spread all over Phoenix and it is feeling a bit insane not being together and having to always find a place for us all.  Everyone is being so amazing with housing your siblings as well as us, but it would be nice if could find a more semi-permanent solution instead of being nomads.  I will save my update on the house and Rosh Hashana for next week since this theoretically shouldn't include anything since Monday.

Anyway, little girl.  We miss you.  We love you. 

Stay safe. Be healthy. Have fun.

Until next time.

Love always, 

The Mighty Contributor

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