Thursday, September 24, 2020

Happy 5th Birthday Corrinne

Dear Corrinne, 

Today is such a special day, it is your 5th birthday.  So many of Sonzee's friends have turned 5 since she has passed, but for some reason, today, your birthday is the one hitting me the hardest.  Maybe it is because you were the only friend we had come share in her mock 5th birthday party?  Maybe it is because of the parallels in yours and Sonzee's journey?  Maybe it is because I haven't let myself fully grieve over Sonzee never officially turning 5 and I was so afraid for your family that they would end up like us and today would be happening in a completely different manner?  Maybe it is because I personally feel so invested in you turning 5 that I am a mixture of relieved, ecstatic, and beyond grateful that you have made it to this milestone?  Maybe it is because I know that you being at Bear Pines somehow means Sonzee is celebrating with you and it feels like life is coming full circle?

You are such a special girl to so many.  We have been so blessed to have you and your family in our lives for 4ish years.  Your mother is one of the few people in this world that I can and have shared my darkest fears and feelings with and who has been there to help me feel almost normal the last 7.5 months.  She is for sure your fiercest advocate and a primary reason you are able to celebrate in all of your glory the amazingness that is today.  Sonzee was so blessed to have met you in FBC's Friday group, it was because of your story that we finally took a tour at Ryan House.  You and Sonzee shared a knack of making your (same) GI doctor experience firsts with your insane dysmotility...but you, my friend, continue to just travel along with a divalicious smile, painted nails, beautiful sassiness, and a requirement to travel with a mini fridge.

I am just so thankful that you honored us by accepting the invitation to Bear Pines for your special day. I hope it is your best birthday ever, I don't doubt for a second that you will be and have been spoiled beyond comprehension, and rightly so.  I hope you know how much your life has mattered to ours.  On your 5th birthday, we wish you a year of few hospitalizations, no new diagnoses, calmness, health, happiness, and amazing memories to be made with your friends and family.

Sonzee's Family

The Mighty Contributor

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