Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Tug of war

We finally toured Sonzee's preschool yesterday.  I say finally, because we have known since she was 2 months old that we wanted to send her to this school.  We have attended the family program on Friday's over the past 2 years, but have never actually set foot on the other side of the double doors.  We have one remaining meeting in 13 days that will make this next step our official reality.  I am filled with mixed emotions as my baby girl is getting ready to enter her first school.  On one hand they are the same emotions that have filled my head and heart as her three older siblings took these same steps, on the other hand, they could not be more different.

I feel like my mind is separated into two sides and there is a rope attached to both sides, for every happy emotion there is one that makes my heart sad, and I am being pulled back and forth between them.  I am so excited that Sonzee will have the ability to flourish in a new environment, but it is not in the same environment where her siblings are.  I am so thankful she will be in a classroom that is tailored to meet her needs, but she will no longer be home with me every day.  Her classroom while likely to be amazing and will provide her with the tools she will need, is not a typical classroom in any manner.  I am so grateful for the opportunities this school will undoubtedly provide for her and to her, but they are not the opportunities parents wish for their children to have to experience when they envision their schooling.

We walked from classroom to classroom, looking through the glass at the children as they learned.  We started by seeing those children who are developmentally the oldest; smiles across their faces, lights bright in the room, sitting around the table enjoying their snacks.  Multiple teachers and aids at their side helping them with their snack time activity.  As we continued our tour the lights in the classes were lower to help with seizure activity, and the centers were slowly replaced with several types of equipment.  Sam joked that there were easily thousands of dollars in equipment in one of the rooms.  My heart bursting at the idea of her getting to experience incredible opportunities that insurance would never allow us to do at home, but simultaneously hurting at the fact that she needs all the several types.

My baby girl is no longer a baby for all intents and purposes, but she will not be walking into her first day of school.  She will not require a teacher to hold her while she kicks and screams begging me not to leave her.  She won't come rushing back to the door or look at me with a face that pleads with me not to leave her with people she hardly knows for the day.  She won't give me kisses or huggies or tell me she loves me, to have a good day, that she will miss me or even say good-bye.  I won't look through the glass window and see her distracted by an activity, so she doesn't realize I am gone.  She won't glance back to see if I have walked away.  All the first days of school experienced since 2015 that brought me tears as I wondered how Sonzee's would go are about to come to fruition, culminating into the biggest game of tug of war.

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