Wednesday, December 14, 2016

CBD and the DEA

As of today the DEA "has made CBD oil a little more federally illegal..." by clarifying and "reinforcing their original position that cannabis extracts, including CBD oil are all considered schedule 1 substances."  While we live in a state that allows for the use of medical marijuana with the  proper licensure and the CBD oil that Sonya uses is a hemp based CBD that imports it's seed and stock from Europe and this clarification might not impact is, it does for many of other children using whole plant products produced in the US. 

Prior to the birth of Sonzee, Sam and I watched a documentary on a marijuana based epilepsy treatment developed by the Stanley brothers in Colorado for a little girl named Charlotte who suffered from 300+ seizures daily due to Dravet syndrome.  I remember watching the documentary and feeling heart broken for the family.  

After Sonya developed seizures and the pharmaceuticals couldn't put up even a decent fight, Sam and I immediately discussed medical marijuana as an option.  Her first neurologist was less than helpful, we decided it didn't matter.  We received support from family and friends.  We didn't need either, but it was appreciated as it made us feel less dirty.  I often wonder why some people might question our parenting choices of using a marijuana or hemp based cbd medicine but don't mind that her FDA approved meds come with huge red stickers with the words HAZARDOUS written on them.

What I would love to ask a person against cbd products for children is simply, are you a parent?  If you are a parent, what wouldn't you do for your child?  If you don't have a medically involved child this next question could be a challenge, but I want you to put yourself in the place of a desperate parent.  YOU have to watch your child suffer, YOU have followed all of the doctors recommendations, and YOU are told that there is NOTHING else they have to offer you.  Are you going to tell me honestly that your religious or whatever values you hold to would keep you from HELPING your child?? 

I would never wish a sick child on anyone, but I do wish there was more empathy amongst our lawmakers.

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