Monday, December 5, 2016


It is Monday afternoon and I am exhausted.  It was yet again another sleepless night with little bear and her constant screams of pain.  It is beyond frustrating that whatever remedy we find for her works only temporarily.  Her GI doctor has called in another antibiotic that helps with balancing out the bacteria in her gut and her palliative care doctor has told us to go ahead and increase her Gabapentin for the pain.  The GI and neurological systems are so tightly woven that in Sonzee's case the slightest bit of GI movement sends her nerve endings into a tizzy.  I was so naive to think that if we could only control her seizures that her life would be smoother sailing.

Her life is a series of battles.  Every time I think we have tackled one successfully, another one begins.  There is no time to celebrate and there is nothing it seems that we can do to prevent them from happening.  All of these battles keep continuing back to back and we are running out of supplies, I am running out of energy, and my sanity is on the verge of nonexistence having to listen to screaming and crying for hours on end each day.  It is taxing to keep living like this.  I honestly do not know how little bear does it, how do any of these children do it?

I remember when seizures were our biggest fear and threat.  When I thought nothing could possibly be worse than watching her have multiple ones a day.  I was wrong.  What is worse than watching her have constant seizures is having her be miserable screaming in pain for the majority of the day and night.  It is far worse having her cry and me not being able to do anything for her but just listen.  I cannot fix this.  I won't ever be able to fix this.  All of these battles, and there is no chance of ever winning the war.

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