Wednesday, April 20, 2016

You are not alone

Everyone faces a struggle at some point within his or her life.  Whether it is socially, emotionally, or physically, no one has a life without being faced with a challenge.  No matter what you may be experiencing whether it is feelings of isolation, feelings of removal, and feelings of withdrawal or just simply feeling alone, it can lead to an overall feeling of helplessness.  You may feel like no one cares, as if no one understands, or that the burden of the weight of the world is yours alone hold.  Maybe you have a physical support system in place, maybe you have an online support group, or maybe you would just rather keep to yourself.  Please know, no matter which category you feel you fit, even if it is a category that I have not listed, YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

Believe it or not there is at least one other person out there going through a similar struggle.  They may not be handling the situation in the same way as you, but they can relate and they do understand.  While no two experiences are the same because multiple variables play a roll, someone has worn a pair of similar shoes.  There are those who will spend hours out of their day ensuring you do not have to endure your journey by yourself.  Do not be afraid to reach out to others.  Even if the person you choose to share your emotions with has not traveled your path, you can bet they have experienced their own types of pain that can be of value to you.  Let people in.  Share your story with at least one other person; it can be truly therapeutic in a manner you did not even know was possible.  In doing so you allow others to know that, they too are not alone and it can remove an invisible weight that you may not have even known you were holding.  Remember, YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

If you are one of those independent, strong willed, never lets anyone see you cry type of personality, needs to put on the brave face (<-hint...this would be me), YOU ARE NOT ALONE.  It is OKAY to cry, it is OKAY to break down, and it is OKAY to be a hot mess.  Most of us do all of those things in private regardless of whether we admit it or not, so again please know YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

Whether you are having a great day, a good day, a mediocre day, a bad day, or an awful day, please always remember YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

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