Monday, June 15, 2015

It can always be worse

The past couple of days I have found myself to be in a sort of negative funk.  Just my overall mood has been pretty sour and my attitude less than average. Growing up this would have led my mom to tell me to slap myself, and move on.  Today my proverbial slap came from the higher up. There is nothing like the front of a car to join yours while enjoying your morning coffee a mere 10 feet from your final destination.

This morning Sonya and I found ourselves the recipient of a 70+ year old woman driving on the wrong side of the road, parallel to us and then into us.  Thankfully no one was injured.  Sonya has no clue anything happened and her entire door was spared.  My front bumper didn't fair so well, but it could've been worse. 

I saw a video this past week of parents of two beautiful girls who both have a degenerative disease that IS going to kill them by the age of 12.  I keep seeing on Facebook, friends of friends who have a child fighting cancer.  Near drownings and car accidents that forever change the abilities of a once perfect child.  I look at Sonya, and while she has seizures and her developmental prognosis is grim, it could be worse.

She is lucky.  Her seizures right now are under 3 minutes, they could be 10 or longer.  Her seizures occur one every 24-40 hours, they could be one right after the other and 200 a day.  She is breastfed from the tap, she could be on a feeding tube.  She does not have any current GI issues, she could have tons.

It's easy to get lost and sucked into the land of the negative.  One thing happens and then something else happens and even if it is "trivial" it can seem huge.  It is imperative that when that happens we take a step back, take a deep breath, and keep on going, because it can always be worse.

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