Monday, May 4, 2015

Early Intervention and Joy

We are very lucky living in the state of Arizona to have Early Intervention services given to children birth-3 that are in need of developmental assistance (I'm sure other states have this too).  Today Sonya had her first IFSP (Individualized Family Service Plan) created.  She will be receiving Physical Therapy as her team lead.  We created three goals for Sonya to work on.

1.     Holding her head up on her own 
2.     Tracking an object from side to side
3.     Grasping objects

We will meet again as a team in 6 months to review her progress (earlier if needed), but I am super excited to be starting on our way with measurable activities!

From what we have learned of CDKL5 and children's development, the more practice they have the better the outcome.  The more therapies, the better.  There is no doubt that Sonya will be the best she can be.  She will be taken around town to swimming, music, gymnastics, and any other activity she shows interest in and that she can simultaneously benefit from.  

As I have been watching Sonya in the pool, while she is doing tummy time, playing on her play mat, or sitting in her bouncer, I can't help but feel the same overwhelming sense of joy that is brought to a parent by their child.  She tries all the time to be her best.  She works so diligently to hold her head up, as she tries to smile, as she tries to hold onto toys or a finger.  She brings our house so much happiness, so much pleasure.  I am looking forward to her next IFSP meeting so we can discuss how Sonya has met her three goals, and how she is ready to conquer more.  I can't even envision the sheer amount of joy that day will bring to me, as well as all the others that will lead up to it.  Today has been stored in the bank.

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