Thursday, May 21, 2015


I have a picture frame in the playroom with the a piece of paper that has the dates each member of the family was born before we had Sonya.  (I do need a new one now).  In the middle is a heart and on the bottom is the quote "what a difference a day can make".

When you have a typically developing baby so much happens in a day.   All of a sudden they are holding up his/her head.  You leave them on their tummy time mat or under the play gym to return to them on their side or rolling over.  Sometimes you notice the exact moment these events occur, other times you can't pinpoint it exactly.  

With a child who is not typical, it is easier to see the progress because it is little by little. Slow and steady wins the race, right?

It is actually really exciting to see progress unfold in slow motion.  It is part of the whole appreciate the little things concept.  Sure it is great to watch your typical children learn something like walking and talking, but it really is that much more amazing to witness someone achieve something you weren't sure they would be able to.  

Little miss Sonya works so hard at every day things.  Tasks most of us do without any effort.  In just 10 days Sonya has achieved so much!  Instead of me explaining her progress, I will let Sonya tell it herself.  
                       May 11, 2015

                     May 18, 2015

                         May 20, 2015

Oh Sonya your story is definitely untold!!!

It really is amazing the difference a day can make.  

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