Monday, October 11, 2021

88 weeks

Dear Sonzee, 

Another week has come and gone, marking 88 weeks since you left.  This last week was my fall break and despite being off of work for a week I still feel like I didn't get all I wanted to be accomplished.  I did finally manage to get over to auntie a's new place and organize Mo and Ziva's playroom, bedroom, and kitchen.  I still need to tackle her closet, but you know how Auntie A is, she has to be coaxed into allowing me to do my thing...eventually she always comes around.

Corrinne's mommy and I finally got our nails done.  It has been since summer since we have gone so that was nice we were able to catch up and to do some self-care.  I am trying to be better in general in that department.

Bear Pines has been doing really well. We have been pleasantly surprised at how full we have been.  We initially thought with it being off-season we would hardly have guests, but it is quite the opposite.  Someone wrote on the comment card they were sorry for your death.  It makes me smile that people actually read the wind chime that has your birth and death dates and or the information we put in the binder about you.

Yesterday was the first relaxed Sunday we have had in a while. It was nice to not have anywhere to really be besides Tzvi going to hockey.  Starting next week begins the craziness of games.  I can't wait to go and watch him, but also, nurse Paige is going to come and watch since we will be in her neck of the woods.  I cannot wait to start seeing her on a more consistent basis, or at least whenever she will be able to join us.  I have gotten used to her not coming in the house at 7am and not being there when I get home.  It helps we aren't at our house.

We had grief group Thursday night and the last photographer to take pictures of us as a complete family was taking pictures for hospice of the valley.  I mentioned how he took our pictures and we chatted about it for a bit.  I haven't fully looked at those images, but I have taken a quick peek now and then.  I wish we had dressed up, although at the time I wanted it to be real.  

Anyway baby girl.  

I miss you! Hope you are doing well!

Until next time.

Love always, 

The Mighty Contributor

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