Monday, July 26, 2021

77 weeks

Dear Sonzee, 

Today marked 77 weeks.  It is our last Monday in NY and it is also Tzvi's 10th birthday.  This last week was jam-packed and a funfilled one as we picked up Laeya and Tzvi from camp and then dropped off Meena for her 9 days of sleepaway camp trialing.  A week ago Miss Malka and I went to Woodbury without you but brought you with us in conversation.  It was mixed tears and laughter.  We really missed your wheelchair because we had nowhere to put our bags.  We talked about the time your foot accidentally got stuck in the door.  In hindsight in that 2018 year, we wonder how often we accidentally fractured your legs before we learned that your bones were so brittle that they could break with a simple tap. We are so sorry about that.

We picked up Laeya and Tzvi on Tuesday.  Both absolutely loved the camp experience, unfortunately, Tzvi didn't exactly love the specific camp.  It's ok, we found a new one for him to try next summer.  Laeya is already excited to go back to see her summer friends, she can't wait.  We gave her saba's old iPhone 5s to use the cloud to talk to her friends.  We will be happier when we go back to Phoenix time and she isn't on it so much, but it is nice for her to have this group of girls that she is loving to talk to.  

We took Meena to her sleep-away camp trial.  She is having a blast. She called us Friday to say "good Shabbas" and that she was having so much fun.  The camp doctor called us yesterday to let us know she hurt her foot, but I saw in the pictures that she didn't exactly take her advice to rest her foot and stay off of it, evident by her rock climbing.  What do we do with that one?!  We pick her up at the end of this week.

We finished off the week heading to uncle's and Hay-Hay's and went to American Dream Mall to celebrate Tzvi.  It was bitter-sweet as it is another age you won't ever turn and we had no accommodations that were needed to be made for our day today.  I had to put the big girl panties on to make it through the day without the tears...which I did quite well if I may say so myself, but my heart was constantly aching and the tears blended in well with the water park atmosphere. 
We have one more week left in NY.  I don't think any of us are really ready to go home, but we are excited to be going to Dallas to see the Howard's, and ema does need to get back to work. 

Anyway, my love...missing you as much!

Have a great week!  

Until next time.

Love always, 

The Mighty Contributor

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