Friday, December 27, 2019

Dec 26

It seems like, with all momentous occasions, meaningful dates in the land of medically complex life are just par for the course. The dates and sometimes even specific minutes or hours are etched into your mind as if they are celebrations, and maybe sometimes they even are.  I was signing a paper last night when  I noticed the date was 12/26/19.  It was at the same time I remembered a year ago Sonzee was discharged from her 22 days stay hospitalization on this very date.  While it was not her longest stay ever in her life, it thankfully has been the longest stay for her over the past year.  I certainly didn't forget she spent the majority of December 2018 as a resident of the 8th floor at PCH; meeting Jason Mraz, switching into 3 different rooms and watching the candlelight walk to ignite hope looking through her hospital room window.

Just a year before on December 26, 2017, Sonzee could be found swinging in the infant swing with pillow prop support at the park near our house.  Loving the breeze in her face she smiled multiple times while she was being pushed. 

A year before that on December 26, 2016, we were found in Florida at Sonzee's grandparents opening Chanukah presents while Sonzee worked on tummy time and spent some time relaxing in the hot tub.

During her very first December 26 in 2015, we were in California at Big Bear sledding in the snow.  She actually didn't mind being outdoors and I remember her having a fun time sledding.  During our drive, she gave us one of her biggest smiles I think she has to date ever had. 

On her 5th December 26 in 2019, while she wasn't the happiest bear, she did manage to get some pool time in, while on the last day of our staycation at the Great Wolf Lodge in Scottsdale.  She also was able to participate in her typical routine activities, going on a walk, taking a nice nap,  having a good bath, going in the car, and of course, seizing.  She finished off her day rolling around on a mat and then going to sleep.  It is amazing to me how all five of her December 26ths I remember as if they were all yesterday.  I know better to even attempt to imagine what her sixth one could look like, because a lot can happen in a year.

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