Monday, July 8, 2019

The middle

I went outside to walk my oldest daughter to her friends for a sleepover.  The weather was absolutely perfect.  The sun had disappeared from view, but the sky was still blue with a sliver of the moon visible and some greyish white clouds crossing by.  There was a slight breeze and the air smelled like the real version of the mountain breeze fragrances that you buy to attempt to replicate the real thing.  My first thought was that I was going to come back, grab my computer and sit outside, so after a successful drop-off, with my coffee in hand, I did just that.

I set up my chair in the same spot I had placed Sonzee's 4 hours earlier.  The same place that when I walked out of the house one-day last week I stumbled in my tracks as I watched two deer eat from the grass and couldn't believe how close they actually let me get to them.  If I turn my head to the right, beyond a not so tall tree and empty parking spaces there is a hill defined by large rocks at the bottom and topped with tall green trees that stretch upwards of at least 40 feet.  To the left is the grassy field which ends in green brush, more tall green trees, and power lines that mark the descent down another hill.  It's a quiet spot in terms of little car traffic but filled with various birds chirping.  It's the only place I don't actually loathe the sounds of their incessant conversations.

As I sat between the steep incline of the hill to my right and the abrupt descent of a hill to my right I reflected on how similar this specific location represents where we are on Sonzee's journey.  Cautiously we move on our semi angled flat surface carefully avoiding slipping down the hill on the left and avoiding the struggle of climbing the hill to the right.  We hope and pray to stay firmly in this spot.  The spot where the smells are crisp and clear, where the sounds are happy and wanted, where the unexpected albeit positive things come our way, and where the view from both the potential up and downhill situations look clear and beautiful yet equally uninviting.  It is the spot I don't ever want to leave,  the one I know we won't be able to stay in forever, but the one I always look forward to coming back to after the journey takes up and or down the hills.

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