Monday, April 29, 2019


I feel like this April, in general, hit me like a ton of bricks.  Deep down I know the reason is that we have been on this journey for 4 long years and even though each minute brings on something slightly different, the meat and potatoes are always the same.  It is the same race for a cure, the same challenge to find seizure control, and the same tight rope walking of managing a nonverbal 4-year-olds quality of life. The years seem to go by, the medicines and equipment change here and there, but the routine of it all stays the same.

Honestly, it is quite daunting.

It seems we are always trying to find the perfectly shaped bandaid to cover whatever difficulty Sonzee is facing, yet each time I feel like we are living out a real life version of one of those arcade games where you have to hit the chipmunk as it pops out of the hole with the rubber mallet.  Each time we manage to get one chipmunk back down underground, sure enough, the next one is popping up.  Sometimes I am quick enough to smack the chipmunk head on, a good portion of the time I maybe nick the side, but the majority of the time I am completely off the mark as I hover wondering which of the holes the chipmunk will emerge from.

Last night while dinner was warming in the oven, I was finishing up with TPN preparation, my sister and her family were hanging out waiting for the rest of my family to come over for dinner, and Sonzee was in her ppod, when she started having a 19 min and 50-second seizure.  That was not her first seizure of the day either, however, it was her longest by 5 minutes.  I stood next to her videotaping for the 10 minutes the seizure tracker app allows me to record, sent an email asking them to consider expanding the length of videos that can be saved on the server, and waited next to her until the entire 19 minutes and 50 seconds had passed.  Then, as if this is normal, because it is our normal life continued with getting her washed down and dressed for her TPN connection, yet as usual, I was left wondering what kind of life is this for a child, why does she have to endure this, and when is enough, enough?

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