Wednesday, January 9, 2019


Over the past 3 years and almost 11 months I have experienced a lot of internal emotions.  At the beginning, it was much easier to keep things bottled inside.  Her seizures didn't happen during the day for the first year or so of her life.  I didn't have to have conversations about her, because most people weren't aware that anything was going on.  I was more outwardly private starting out on this journey.  I have never liked to wear my emotions on my sleeves and I had not experienced enough to lose my ability to keep my emotions together.  I was a completely different person than the person I am now.

I am unsure if it is good or bad, but my ability to keep my emotions in check has lessened and lessened.  There are days if I am looked at the wrong way I get tears in my eyes.  If a song plays on the radio that strikes a cord, my eyes become watery.  If things are feeling overwhelming and someone says the "wrong" thing my patience runs thin, and I really, really, really have zero patience for stupidity.

It is amazing to me the amount of adrenaline that can course through a persons veins, accumulating, just waiting for the perfect moment to make you completely erupt, and trust me, you really do need to get it all out.  However, you are never quite sure when the moment will happen that you will become old faithful.  But at some point all of the emotions, all of the anxiety compounded with the entire weight of life will come together and form the perfect storm. 

And then one day, you may find yourself sitting at a table with a group of friends, listening to a semi heated conversation, not knowing if you should be laughing or crying at the exchange that is going on.  You won't be aware of the fact that you are holding your breath during the entire exchange.  Suddenly it becomes obvious your hands are shaking and that you aren't sure if air is moving in or out of your lungs.  You will accept the fact that you have no control over anything that is going on and you know you are having trouble catching your breath.  You will start to laugh and cry simultaneously while trying to actually breathe, and focusing on it will only make you more overwhelmed.  You might feel semi embarrassed that everything is occuring in public but at the same time, the space feels safe and small and you are thankful and relieved that you are finally letting every little thing out.

And in that moment you realize that it is not just about what is going on at that moment.  You subconsciously realize you are in a safe space, with people who care about you and who are there for you.  They may not fully be able to comprehend the situation you are in, but they are still ready, willing, and always there by your side in some way shape or form during this insane journey, over and over again, no matter how much of history repeats or how often.  And after things begin to calm down, and the entire show in all of its glory comes to a close, you now know who to call that the next time you need to have that months long buildup release get out of your system so you can start to mentally heal.  

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