Monday, July 23, 2018

8 days

Our summer in NY comes to a close in just 8 short days.  I am wondering how some days feel so long but time continues to pass me by with record breaking speed.  By the end of this week Sonzee's oldest brother will have turned 7 years old and her youngest brother 8 months.  I would pray for time to stand still except for the fact that for the next 8 days I can confidently say that Sonzee will be uncomfortable and in some sort of pain, and so each day is one day closer to being able to address her needs in a more suitable environment.

I wish I could say that once we return home her issues will be remedied, but I am more realistic, and we have danced this dance a time or two.  In the recesses of my mind there is hope that our next solution will be successful, but it will not come without a hefty price tag of potential yet guaranteed challenges.  While Sam and I are finally on the same page, the pit in my stomach, weight on my chest, fear in my mind, and pain in my heart are all too much to handle. 

This summer as usual has provided the support I have needed to rest and recharge so I am able to tackle what inevitably lays ahead.  It has allowed me on a certain level to ignore life and choose what we want to focus on.  Being away has kept me from emailing doctors daily, kept us out of inpatient stays, and allowed us to provide some semblance of stability for Sonzee's siblings while keeping Sonzee as comfortable as best we could.  We have 8 more days to live in our version of fantasy, to go on our 3rd annual trip to Hershey Park that Sonzee's siblings have spent a year anticipating, and to continue creating family memories.  So while the next 8 days will be filled with bitter sweet moments we will do our best to highlight the sweet ones and overcome the bitter ones.

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