Monday, May 1, 2017

It's been busy

Life is busy.  It isn't busy in a bad way, just the typical chaos of having a family of six and the school year winding down, doctors appointments, extracurruicular activities, and getting ready to head to Florida in a couple of days for a family event.  I try to do posts two to three times a week, but each time I opened the screen to write something over the past week, I ended up just staring blankly at the screen.  So much going on, yet nothing I really want to write about.

We are traveling again on Thursday this week and we have (thankfully) chosen to fly Southwest.  I am not really that worried as our typical experiences with them have been nothing but amazingly accomodating and the one small glitch we had was not with any member of the airline, but just disgruntled passengers.  So I am hoping to report only good things.  This will be her first time flying with her VNS, and I am slightly excited to show them her little card.  We have never had issues going through security with her feeding tube connected or with her supplies, so again, I am not worried, but it is always a little anxiety filled leading up to the actual experience.

We have an official start date for the construction we have been planning for the past two years.  We begin demolition a week from today and it will probably be 4-6 months until everything is completed.  I am extremely excited to be getting a garage so that will make getting Sonzee in and out of the house much easier.  We are also giving her her own room in our master bedroom which will be great for everyone.  It sometimes doesn't really process in my mind that we have a two year old toddler sleeping in a crib right next to our bed.  While we have decorated her small little corner with her name on the wall, and she has almost an equal amount of furniture in our room as us, I am sure she will appreciate her own space.  The best part of her new room is that it is literally a wall seperating her from us, but it won't add any additional time in getting to her quickly.

The other main event that I have slowly been getting ready for is our trip to New York for the summer.  It will be nice to not be home during the invasive portions of our construction, and it will also be an amazing retreat for us.  I am really hoping Sonzee's tube issues have been sorted out prior to us leaving because the nearest children's hospital will be 2 hours away and I would  prefer not to get on an email correspondence basis with any doctors there.  We were extremely lucky to have an encounter last summer with a doctor who works at the pediatrician's office, so hopefully if she requires anything at all, it will be the basic lab work and quick/easy fixes.

Seizures unfrotunately have not improved, but we are hoping once we start to amp up her VNS on Wednesday that will change.  We are also going to be weaning her of her medication, as the VNS will take the place of hopefully preventing status epilepticus, it is a fancy term for saying a nonstop seizure state.  If you click on the link you will notice more recently they term "status" as a seizure lasting longer than 5 minutes, and Sonzee's always last 5 minutes so we are basically concerned about one that might not stop after a rescue medication was administered.  There is no way to prevent it, nor do they really know what causes it, but it is definitely more common in patients like Sonzee who have uncontrolled epilepsy, so we like to keep her "armed" in a sense with at least seizure fighting modality.  We would just prefer to not have the side effects of these medications that are clearly not helping her seizures at all.

I will hopefully post a blog or two more this week.  Thank you all for keeping up with Sonya's Story.  I am happy to report that we will be sending off our contribution to UCSan Diego to help store Harper's cells within the month.  It feels amazing to have raised $5,000 to go towards this cause.  Thank you to everyone who has donated so far.  If you haven't checked out the awesome perks, please be sure to visit: Sonya's Story: Feeding Harper's Cell Line.

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