Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Unexpected excitement

It does not cease to amaze me that one minute I can be mourning parts of the life we now lead and then a mere 60 seconds later I can be so excited about something I never imagined myself being elated over, such as purchasing new medical equipment.  Maybe it is because in my mind I had always pictured Sonzee in most of the equipment we have already gotten for her, or maybe it is because I always anticipated it would be in her cards.  Whatever the reason I will embrace it and admit aloud how I am extremely excited (and quite ready) to be on the mission of ordering her wheelchair.

I have spent hours online looking at what I felt would be the best fit for her.  I of course want her to have all the bells and whistles and for me I cannot emphasize how excited I am at the prospect of having specific areas to place her rescue medications, feeding supplies, and portable oxygen concentrator.  Those items can be extremely heavy and the stroller does not provide adequate storage opportunities.  I am looking forward to her having an adequate tray for toys while we are on the go and proper support for her body because it has to be frustrating for her when she is tired and her head flops to the side.

I believe we have settled on the R82 Stingray tilt in space and I am so excited!  It looks like a stroller (this might be annoying as she gets older), pushes like a stroller, and as far as features go it has a million.  My favorite is the 180 degree seat turning option so she can face me or face outwards.  It can be taken apart and folded to be stored and will fit in the back of the mini van folded.  I never anticipated this moment to be filled with actual joy and eagerness, maybe that will change when it arrives, but I am pretty sure based on my feelings right now that I am just ready and have accepted this portion of the journey. Now to see what color she chooses!

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