Wednesday, November 16, 2016


I was on the brink of needing to cork the good ole' wine bottle prior to getting the older kids into their beds last night when Sonzee was asleep during the prescheduled live video feed of her getting her glasses.  For a good while I was on the verge of tears because "why can't just one thing go the way I planned it".  I sat in the corner of our couch and stared into my phone sending sad faces emojis and negative words to a close friend.  Then I took a cute picture of her peacefully sleeping and made a post to let her story tellers know the live video would be postponed.

After some time went by I looked over at her mat and I saw her eyes were blinking..."YES! She is awake, live feed of glasses is on!"  I am pretty sure I said that aloud as well in my head.  Part of me ecstatic, the other part slightly nervous.  This is the Sonze we are talking about, if she isn't in the mood, well than we might as well stick to regular evening programming because this could get ugly really really fast!

I had spent a good portion of the afternoon thinking about what would be the best position for her to be in, what toys would be best for her "first time seeing" and reminding myself multiple times that this could very well be "disappointing" in terms of her reaction so I shouldn't get my hopes up too high. When it was time to start the live feed I was beyond nervous.  Talking to groups of people isn't exactly my favorite thing AND I had not planned on being in the video, so I apologize about the clothing malfunctions (oops!).

Besides the video itself being more amazing than my wildest dreams could ever have envisioned, when I look back on how the evenings events went I actually am pretty excited about something that I never considered.  I had been down in the dumps about little bear falling asleep, I was a bit nervous when she started to cry when we made our first attempt at getting the glasses on her face, but the fact that it played out the way it did made me smile because it really is normal to have a 21 month old do everything she did!  

What 21 month old naps when you want him/her to? What 21 month old "cooperates"? What 21 month old wants a band around his/her head? (So many people mentioned this was a problem for their child and I merely shrugged it off thinking how Sonzee isn't fazed like typical kids). What 21 month old is happy 24/7?  While there is plenty that is different about Sonzee and all of her same aged peers...just this once it was nice to realize everything she did was just "normal."

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