Tuesday, October 20, 2015


I usually find that after a couple of days of being down in the dumps I end up doing a complete 180. It happens randomly, completely on its own.  I cannot quite explain what occurs, but I (drink a little wine) go to sleep and wake up refreshed and giddy with excitement for no specific reason.  It is as if my body and soul have been on a retreat and now everything is back in its place to tackle our everyday.  I think for me, it is best that I let my emotions lead the way.  I have learned nothing is worse than trying to suffocate my feelings as they will do what they want in any case, so might as well just ride it out.

Yesterday was a pretty low key day for us.  In the early early morning Sonzee had one of her little episodes.  While the middle of the night seizures tend to disrupt my sleep, I truthfully prefer those, as she usually sleeps it out of her system in enough time to be "present" during her scheduled activities and our daily routine.  Our first stop was PT with Mr. Mike.  We were finally back in the water after so many missed sessions and non-pool days.  She did so well holding her head up, using her core strength, and she is righting herself in both directions.  It is very exciting to hear that the bear is doing so well, we can spend time now working on her extremities and getting them to participate a bit better.

After PT we went over to Dr. Danielle for our chiropractic adjustment.  Sonzee really enjoys this time.  Dr. Danielle has been so amazing with having me participate, so we work on her myofascial release.  It is working on her soft tissue and her skeletal system (I am not exactly sure what it really does, but it makes the Sonzee Bear smile and that is enough for me).  She loves her time there, as does middle sister; who spends her time either playing a game on my iPhone, rearranging the toys in the office, or coloring.

When we got home Sonzee and her sister went down for a nap and it allowed me some much needed time to make phone calls and organize my life a bit.  It was a definitely a great start to the week.  With all of the positives in Sonzee's development despite her nasty seizure activity this past week, it is definitely cause for a celebration.

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