Monday, April 10, 2023

166 weeks

Dear Sonzee, 

Hi babygirl, how are you doing?  Last week ended with a big knot in my stomach that actually started to untie itself after we decided we were going to visit you yesterday. We sat for a bit by you, Meena wondered how I could sit on the black granite because it was so hot, but I am used to it from the past few years, and I know it can get much much hotter. Noam, Meena, and I painted you Passover rocks. For some reason, Laeya nor Tzvi were wanting to get out of the car, but I am sure they spoke to you from where they were. 

Last week started Passover, our 4th without you here. It sometimes still confuses me that it has been so long already since you have been gone, yet how at times it really does feel like it just happened. I wonder if that will ever change? I wonder if I would ever want it to? 

We had such a wonderful set of first days despite it being a 3-day yom tov. I honestly have never enjoyed one so much. We ate out during the day meals and Shabbas night but ate the Sedarim at home with both nights full to the brim with people. The kids swam with friends and there is a family from VV here renting the house around the corner and we have been having a blast getting to know them better. One of their daughter's is a cat whisperer and all 3 love her and all the love they get when she is around. Your siblings have been enjoying their spring break with them here. I have been reading a book series and because of the resilient parenting class I am part have, have been making an emphasis on taking care of myself and it has been great for everyone. I am so happy to be part of the program. 

We went indoor skydiving yesterday. I am torn on if you would have loved the wind in your face or would have hated it. I sometimes wish I knew about it prior to your death to have given it a shot, because I really don't know if you would have liked it or not. 

I am looking forward to the last days starting tomorrow night, especially since I am feeling so much better since having visited you. I have to make sure I have a yummy-smelling candle for you to light and to prepare myself for Yizkor. 

I have to run. I miss you.

Until next time.

Love always,

The Mighty Contributor

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