Tuesday, February 15, 2022

106 weeks

Dear Sonzee, 

Firstly, I am sorry I am behind on all my letters to you.  This last week felt like a physical eternity because of your brother's hockey excursion to Fargo, ND.  He and I left Wednesday, and it turned into one insane journey.  We got removed from the plane because of weight and weather issues in Fargo paired with no one volunteering at the gate because everyone going to Fargo had to be there for the tournament.  The lady was the rudest lady ever and claimed us and another hockey family volunteered to give up our seats.  Yes, they gave us vouchers, but no, we did not volunteer.  In the end the 2 mom's and 3 boys I am sure really tipped the scales for weight. The joke of it all, is that they still took our bags, except for your brother's hockey sticks who went on a different journey themselves. 

Friday was a mental struggle for me. I am glad Tzvi scored a goal, maybe subconsciously it was his birthday present for you?  I can at least tell myself that.  A few parents came over to me to tell me happy birthday for you.  Otherwise, I wore my balloon leggings in your honor and just continued through the day.  It is a tough day to be honest.  I wonder what you did for your 7th birthday, but I also wonder how it is you would be 7.  I just can't even picture how you would have changed and what you might have been doing.  Would you have finally started to sit this year? Would you have mastered that skill at 5 and this year taken your first steps?  I am just left with wonder.

The rest of the weekend went by, freezingly.  I have never experienced -30 and lower temps, but now I can say I have.  The negative temps aren't even that bad honestly, but the windchill is something else.  SO COLD! I now have a new respect for heated seats and windchill temperatures.  The boys struggled in their Sunday morning game and sadly lost their chance at playing in the championship game.  I would have loved that experience for Tzvi, but in the end leaving on a winning note with 3rd place out of 80 teams is nothing to be upset about.  

This week your organization provided a wheelchair for someone in need. I love that we have the ability to do that, and it will have your CDKL5 sticker on the back to continue to spread awareness to everyone who sees it. Continuing to do big things my little bear!

Anyway, baby girl. I owe you a birthday post and it will be coming your way!!  Love and miss you!  Have a great week!

Until next time. 

Love always.
The Mighty Contributor

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