Monday, November 4, 2019

13 weeks

In 10 weeks our oldest daughter turns 10. That means in 13 weeks Sonzee should be turning 5. It’s a birthday I have never prepared for, a day I wasn’t sure would ever come, a year I told myself we might not get to experience with her. As it creeps close I am torn between potential excitement at all that turning 5 represents and fear that letting my mental protective guard down will only prove to be catastrophic should my worst fears become our reality.

When Sonzee was diagnosed with CDKL5 when she was only 8 weeks old I immediately joined the CDKL5 parent support page. The first 10 months was filled with so many infant, toddler, and less than double-digit aged deaths that it shook me to my core. Whenever I have been asked about Sonzee’s prognosis and if there was an “age limit” I would answer, “it is unknown, there seem to be benchmarks that you can semi sigh of relief if the kiddos pass them, but I honestly have told myself 5”.

Within a month of celebrating Sonzee’s 4th birthday I had a dream, that I had finally allowed myself to plan for her 5th birthday, I went on Etsy and purchased one of those birthday shirts that had the number 5 and of course had it personalized. Then she passed. I never have been able to tell if that dream was a premonition or just my anxiety but we have watched her decline tremendously since summer and I honestly don’t know where her little body stands.  I don't know where my mind stands.

As each day passes and February 11 comes closer I am internally torn. I want to plan for her birthday celebration, I want to look forward to her preschool/kindergarten transition, I want to know with certainty that 2020 will bring me a 5-year-old, but like with so many things over the last 4.5 years I’m cautiously optimistic, but preparing for the worst. My sister semi joked that I should just avoid buying her a shirt on Etsy, if only that could dictate her fate and if only I could allow myself to plan.  But instead, I hesitantly look towards the next few months with hope yet filled with this indescribable weight of something lurking in the distance that is completely out of my control.

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  1. Whenever I read your story it always seems to be one of those that totally wash over me and my heart just bursts. I was just thinking about Sonzee last week because I hadn't seen anything from you I in a while. I start to get concerned. So today I was happy to see your post. And then I cried....Although I can never begin to know how you manage but your words are just enough to give me a very small peek and I am totally an emotional mess. I hope and pray that her 5th Birthday does indeed happen for you and Sonzee. Just know that there are many people who silently think, wonder and pray all the time for your entire family. My love, admiration and prayers are always with all of you.